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Within categories, posts are listed in reverse chronological order of writing.
Fics are one-shots unless otherwise noted.

Fanfics :: KinKi Kids

There Is Only One
[Crack, G] Blanket scenario challenge on love_is_kinki: A screenplay. And a bear.

[Flangst, G] Suppose KinKi Kids actually disbanded, then met again years later.

Listening for the Bells
[Short, G] The Higashi inquires.

[Fluff, G] Cold challenge on love_is_kinki: Kouichi caught a cold. Tsuyoshi caught it from him.

A Very Long Engagement
[Flangst, G] Tsuyoshi faces the news of Kouichi's marriage.

Smoke and Fire
[Fluff, G] There's no smoke without fire, but the nature of the smoke is not necessarily the nature of the fire.

2000 Days of Summer
[Introspective, G] Summer challenge on love_is_kinki: Timeline fic, KinKi Kids' summers 1991--2012.

[Angst, G] Picture challenge on love_is_kinki: An unwritten song, imagined around 2004.

This Compass Does Not Point North
[Introspective fluff, G] Picture challenge on love_is_kinki: Kouichi remembers places in terms of people.

All Rivers Run to the Sea
[Fluff, G] Vacation challenge on love_is_kinki: They go their separate ways, on roads that merge every now and then.

The Games We Play
[Flangst, PG] Email challenge on love_is_kinki: in which Tsuyoshi started something neither of them was prepared to finish.

Apart Together
[Fluff, G] Birthday challenge on love_is_kinki: in which Kouichi was random and romantic in a backwards sort of way.

Light's End Water's Edge
[Introspective, G] Kouichi reflects about the sea, the sun, and his partner.

Puppy Love
[Fluff, G] When Tsuyoshi is jealous, he doesn't just sit around and mope.

A Thing For Cyborgs
[Fluff, PG] Kouichi found his type of girl during Time PV filming.

Simulation Parameters
[Humor/Fluff, PG] Someone is contemplating something not so innocent.

Flash Fiction
[Fluff/Angst, G] A collection of KinKi-themed, fixed-word-count flash fictions.

Ain't Nobody / Open Doors
[Flangst, PG] Two short scenes. Ain't Nobody: Kouichi is not confident with romance. Open Doors: KinKi decide there's something they owe to the family elder.

Modal Realism
[Fluff, G] Hypothetical 'Family' single promo interview.

Of Stage Urges, Time Relativity, and A Popular Stuffed Toy
[Fluff, G] Kouichi couldn't wait to upstage TakkiTsuba's love live antics.

Edge, False, Family, Reprise
[Fluff/Angst, G] Four short pieces: 29th Reprise, False Positive, the Edge of the Word, Family Man.

(Marital Status:) N/A
[Fluff, G] The aftermath of Tom-san's remark about "the 30-year-old 2-member-group with no interest in marriage" [DK with Tsukamoto Takashi 2010.09.12].

Speech Is But Another Form of Wave
[Fluff, G] Talk is necessary; speech is optional. Alludes to the NHK documentary on SHOCK.

Tunnel Vision
[Fluff, G] Kouichi ogled one that was not Tsuyoshi.

K*nk* Past and Present (teen KKL + established KKL)
[Humor, PG] Two independent pieces about KinKi living up to their name, sort of.

Messa di Voce
[Romance, G] Flirting in still-motion. Writing exercise.

Conversations with Other Men
[Drama, G] Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa talked about Kouichi; Kouichi and Nagase talked about Tsuyoshi.

Love As A Philosophy (Is Simple)
[Introspective, G] It is through movement that constancy is discovered, and through constancy that movement is sustained. Second person.

Eye to Eye
[Introspective, G] For some reason you look like you're crying. First person.

Practical Methods to Have One's Way with Kouichi
[Humor, G] Tsuyoshi has a way of being there without being there.

[Introspective, G] Contemplation of what it means to touch, and what it means to let go.

Compensation Settlement
[Humor, G] Utaban. Kouichi was charged with negligence (of his partner). Judge Nakai presided.

[Flangst, G] What's in a song? That which we call love by any other expression would taste as bittersweet.

Thicker Than Water
[Introspective angst, G] The red thread is a mere conceptual construct. Warning for morbidness.

Skin Deep
[Introspective fluff, G] "Kouichi has to stay beautiful," Tsuyoshi once said.

Crossing Boundaries
[Romance, R] Kouichi and Tsuyoshi went on a private trip for a quiet discussion about the state of their relationship -- and acted on it. Warning for explicit sexual scene.

Four Ways Their Real First Kiss Didn't Happen
[Fluff, G] As the title says.

J: Untitled
[Fluff, G] Response to a prompt in the December fic meme: why KinKi didn't come up with a name for their winter tour.

Two Left Feet (with some TOKIO/KinKi)
[Humor, G] Spurred by KinKi's apparent bad mood during FNS 2009. TOKIO quickly took action.

A Hundred Years
[Introspective, G] Interpretative bits of KinKi Kids 1994--2009. Timeline fic, poetry-ish.

One More Reason for that Height Complex
[Parody, G] As title says. Picture-parody.

[Fluff, G] Their secret did not exist, but it didn't mean Kouichi would not be paranoid about accidentally disclosing it.

Wakaba (teen Kouichi/Tsuyoshi)
[Introspective angst, G] Short pieces tied to the drama Wakaba no Koro. It's hard not to overlap real life and drama acting when he had practically the same feelings.

Stumbling to Bethlehem
[Introspective angst, G] Young KinKi in the difficult days.

Strong + Sensei
[Fluff, G] Two independent short scenes. Tsuyoshi's concern; Kouichi's newfound fetish.

[Mood, PG-13] A short scene based on the 'bumping into each other in the toilet' situation KinKi discussed on Shounen Club Premium. Experimental style.

Married with Kids (established KKL)
[Fluff, PG-13] Love life with the pets. One-liners.

Day In, Day Out (established KKL)
[Fluff, PG-13] The power balance in the Doumoto household. Two independent short pieces.

Duty Free (established KKL)
[Fluff, PG-13] Hentai!Kouichi wants to be well-prepared for the long flight.

[Fluff, G] If KinKi had been more competitive between themselves, they might have kissed more. Two independent short pieces.

Roommate Frustration (teen KinKi)
[Fluff, G] One of KinKi's dorm room-sharing days, based on Tsuyoshi's complaint when Nagase went on LLA.

[Humor, G] Tsuyoshi sniffed danger, took a timely measure.

Cheap Talk (Taichi/Tsuyoshi side pairing)
[Fluff-ish, G] Kouichi got insecure with the forming of Toraji-Haiji.

With Friends Like These
[Fluff, G] Considerate DK members make way for the lovey-dovey two in the Korean trip.

Tease (teen KinKi)
[Fluff, PG-13] Teenage KinKi had an UST argument. Nagase stepped in. Contains slight non-con Nagase/Tsuyoshi.

[Fluff, G] A quick drabble setting off from the Tsuyoshi-not-mailing-Kouichi-about-SHOCK-breaking-the-records affair.

[Introspective, G] Why they can't be less, why they can't be more.

Speed Dial
[Fluff, PG] JE who's who on KinKi's speed dial list.

Of Life Underwater and Superheroes
[Fluff, G] A KinKi conversation with much fooling around.

An Unchaste Rendition of Romance
[Romance, PG-13] Tsuyoshi gets drunk and makes an inconceivable proposal.

[Introspective, G] Contrast scattered in a day of work. Exercise in various antithesis styles, drabble-ish.

Proper Ending (teen KinKi)
[Fluff, PG] Pre-debut KinKi went on an outing. Guest-starred TOKIO.

The Art of Giving
[Fluff, G] A collection of short pieces on the theme 'Gift'.

Happy Problem
[Fluff, G] KinKi Kids went on a trip abroad, and some babysitting was in order.

Three Ways KinKi Kids Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary
[Humor, G] As the title says. Written for inocchiroo's ficathon.

Two to Tango
[Introspective, G] It takes two. Timeline fic, poetry-ish.

Fill in the Blanks
[Introspective, G] It's not what you said; it's what you didn't say.

Survival Requirement
[Mood, PG] The best way to deal with a traumatic experience is to drag your partner down with you. Warning for unpleasant thought object.

Forty Seasons of Alleged Courtship
[Introspective, PG] A biased interpretation of KinKi Kids' fan service discography through the years. Timeline fic, connected semi-drabbles.

Fanfics :: KinKi Kids AU

[Supernatural, PG-13] Chibi-era Kouichi and Tsuyoshi become partners in the grim reaping job.

The Painter and The Carpenter
[Atmospheric, G] The painter comes to a mountainside where the carpenter lives.

Mobster verse (Multi-chapter, episodic: 4 scenes published)
[Drama, G] Eccentric mob boss Tsuyoshi versus disillusioned thief Kouichi in the Hey! Minna Genki Kai PV universe.

Boy Next Door
[Drama, G] The boy next door is a dancer. First person.

In Sickness and In Health
[Romance, G] How they might meet if Kouichi had gone to medical school instead.

[Lord of the Rings verse] By the River Anduin
[Drama, G] Kouichi and Tsuyoshi in the position of the hobbits Sam and Frodo at end of The Breaking of the Fellowship (Book II, Chapter 10).

Butai verse (Multi-chapter, on-going: 9 of 18++ scenes, hiatus-prone!)
[Angst-ish, PG] Tsuyoshi joined the musical directed by Kouichi, with questionable motivation and a defensively guarded past.

Tangent (Multi-chapter, complete: 10 chapters + omake)
[Romance, PG] Tsuyoshi the hairstylist was contracted to Kouichi the solo artist. Complications arose as they became more and more entangled in each other's world.

Fanfics :: OT4 (subsets of Nagase x KinKi Kids x Okada)

After the Rain (KKF, Okada/Tsuyoshi)
[Drabbles, G] Tsuyoshi is perhaps a little sad that Shindoi is ending.

Chasing Paper (Kouichi/Nagase, Tsuyoshi/Nagase)
[Introspective, G] Friends-in-need come in different flavors. Set around Nagase/Ayumi breakup.

Every Which Way (Nagase/Tsuyoshi, Nagase/Kouichi)
[Angst, G] Every which way love takes, sorrow waits ahead.

Methods and Arguments (3-way Nagase/Kouichi/Tsuyoshi)
[Fluff, R] Nagase convinced KinKi for a threesome. Warning for explicit reference to sexual acts and shameless corny innuendos.

Three's (Good) Company (suggestive KinKi Kids + Nagase)
[Humor, G] Love hotel episode, revisited. Afterthoughts from Shindoi 2009.02.04 with Nagase.

Sanctuary (Nagase/Tsuyoshi, Tsuyoshi/Kouichi)
[Angst-ish, R] Tsuyoshi came to Nagase for a favor. Warning for mild BDSM and Nagase misuse.

Fanfics :: Tomapi

Three Can Keep A Secret
[Humor, G] Taichi knew a secret, or so he hinted, while Go wondered, and Toma suffered. Heavily based on SCP 2010.04.16.

[Fluff, G] Yamapi has a slight issue with Toma's chumminess with his co-actors. But not for long.

[Fluff, G] Precious old magazine poses. Based on the cross-talk in Potato October 2009.

Hot Spots (Akame side pairing)
[Humor, PG] Growing up would entitle them to this kind of prank, now.

Eight-Page Conspiracy (Akame, TakkiTsuba side pairings)
[Humor, G] Speculated hidden agenda behind the blatant innuendos in Seventeen interview May 2008.

[Romance, G] Of course, Toma knew.

[Romance, PG] Confessions were very hard to plan, Yamapi realized.

Morning Call
[Fluff, PG] Sleep-deprived Yamapi, worried Koyama, and all-knowing Ryo.

Vehicle (TakkiTsuba side pairing)
[Humor, PG] Parking lots are not made for this.

[Romance, PG] The first cross-talk in years brings the two to face what has changed-- and what has stayed the same.

Exclusive Rights (chibi Tomapi)
[Humor, G] Yamapi gave Toma the silent treatment. Drabble-ish.

Fanfics :: Mixed KinKi / TOKIO / TakkiTsuba / Tomapi

Call Forwarding (mild KinKi Kids, TakkiTsuba, TsuyoTsuba)
[Humor, G] Phone Call challenge on love_is_kinki: in which Tsubasa's evil senpai got hold of his drunken phone call.

'Twas the Night Before Someone Else's Birthday (KinKi Kids, TakkiTsuba)
[Fluff, G] They do not need Christmas, but they probably do need an excuse for a Christmas Eve rendezvous.

2A + B = AB (KinKi Kids, Tomapi, TsuyoTsuba)
[Fluff, G] Imaginary events surrounding Tomapi's performance of a KinKi song at Yamapi's first solo concert.

WIP: Fic Meme

Five Countdown Kisses That Didn't Happen (KinKi Kids + Nagase, TakkiTsuba, Tomapi)
[Humor, PG] Supposing Nagase kissed the wrong person in Countdown 2007--2008... Written for inocchiroo's ficathon.


KK Fanvid: La Cantabile D'amour

Johnnys-net translations:
- Part 1: Quotes
- Part 2: Radio Conversations
- Part 3: Rumours
- Part 4: Concert Reports
- Part 5: The Love Triangle
- Part 6: As Seen (and Unseen) On TV
- Part 7: Last Bits

KKL Old Uwasa

DK 2002.08.04 #064 Hasegawa Kyouko

KinKi Kids 10th Anniversary in Tokyo Dome 2007.07.22 DVD

KinKi Kids J Album PR to Taiwan Fans @ domotokyoudai

KinKi FAN 1998 Softsub @ domotokyoudai

Kissmon!Tsuyoshi Clips @ bamboobranch

Kouichi, Tsuyoshi Solo Live Fancam - Calling Each Other @ misosiru


A Lotta Love: thoughts on KinKi fandom

Love Letter: KinKi-inspired poetry

I do think he has too many names.: fangirling Tsuyoshi

Old Flame: thoughts on Kazapon's mini-debut

The Black Hole Called Johnny's Jimusho (and Beyond): the fall into JE


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